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Kids Make Music-Music as an Elective for Students

Ages:  1-5 (Parents/Caregiver welcome to participate)

Limit:  12 students (though dependent on age of students.  Must meet state ratio requirements)

45 Minute Class

Your child/children will learn delightful songs, dances and musical activities that focus on singing and keeping a steady beat to enhance timing, coordination, listening and language skills.  Instruments are used alongside puppets, stories and colorful props to make this a very special music time.  Children of different ages will enjoy and interact differently, depending on development of the child.  The teacher engages with each student in age appropriate ways. The repetition of activities and songs assists participation, language development and memory and improves coordination and timing.  Children learn to express their feelings productively in a game-like atmosphere.  The activities also help to develop the imagination and your child’s self-confidence. 

Fee:  $80-8 week session*          

          $65 for each additional sibling-20% discount 

          $15 Drop-in class

*Programs can be modified to suit your children's needs. Prices shown are based on weekly program.

In School Field Trip

Have MusicWise come to your classes to enhance curriculum and/or themes being taught in class!

Each interactive music program is 30-90 minutes in length.

Music only- 30-40 minutes - $50

Music and art project - 60 minutes - $75

Story, Music, Project - 90 minutes - $125

~ Possible themes could include:​

~ Holiday Fun~ We Love Animals

~ Adventures in Space~ Down on the Farm

 ~My Trip to the Mountains~ Under the Sea

 ~ In all Kinds of Weather~ Beautiful Bugs

 ~ Winter time Fun ~On the Move (transportation)~A Day at the Beach


MusicWise for all students!

Ages: infant-Age 5

Limit: 20 (with other teacher in the room)

​30 Minute Class

These classes are available to all students enrolled in your program!  We can visit room to room or meet in a multipurpose area.  Curriculum is similar to the Kids Make Music, but more developmentally specific to certain age groups.  

Fee:   $30-1st 1/2 hour class

​          $25- 2nd/3rd 1/2 hour class

          $20- 4th 1/2 hour class

          $10- 5th or more


*Programs can be modified to suit your children's needs.  Prices shown are based on weekly program.