Sing, Sing a Song (in tune!)

Ah, the joy of singing! Starting early is the easiest and most successful time to teach this skill. Singing alone (solo singing) during the music lesson allows the child to hear his or her own voice and gives the teacher an opportunity to evaluate and assist with pitch matching and tone quality.  The use of echo games develops pitch matching accuracy. The teacher sings back to the child, mimicking pitch, so the student can hear how they “match” sounds. Many of the songs used in class have a simple melody and include frequent repetition so the children feel ownership and can sing successfully. Puppets and other props and visuals make solo singing a fun activity. 

Solo singing and learning to match pitch at a young age give children the opportunity to feel confident and successful.

Be Creative!

     Be Musical!

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Music Class Options for you and your child

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Host a class in your home!

Organize some friends with their kids and we will bring a fun music class to you!  Great ​for neighbors, mom's groups, etc. Activity will run for 40 minutes.  

Minimum 4 week session preferred...


Fees per child, per week*:

                                  3,4 children - $12 each 

                                  5,6 children- $10 each

                                  7 or more - $8 each                         

*Host of the lesson only pays $8/class ($36)

drop-ins welcome too!  $10

Ideally a large area free of furniture and other distractions is best for a productive experience.